I'm Nelson

Hey yall! I was born and raised  in Lexington, NC until I made the decision to pack up the Jeep and head west up the mountain. After graduating from Appalachian State University (Go 'Neers! shameless plug), I was asked to help photograph a few weddings. Well...I loved it. On the other hand, I am also a full time product photographer. What a difference, right? To me it's the best of both worlds. Throughout the week you can find me in the studio and on the weekends you can find me pretty much anywhere capturing memories and moments for some pretty awesome people who just so happen to become friends along the way.

Wanna know more? I'm an avid Friends fan, music connoisseur, Christ following guy who can't make up his mind whether I like the mountains or the beach more. 

This could be a pretty difficult question. Cause you can either go deep or not. So I'm going to list two. Skydive. Yep. If you know me, I am typically that shy guy who gets comfortable. Opposite of the typical person who wants to go jump out of a plane. I also am determined to travel. I know cliché Nelson. Growing up we simply didn't travel outside of NC and if we did we went to either SC or VA. Now that I am getting older, the desire to go somewhere is deafening. That's why weddings are so much fun. I get to travel to new towns and meet new people all while doing what I love to do.

Everything officially started back in 2017 during college. But unofficially back in 2000, when I was a youngin with my mom's film camera. Now I can't stop being one, even on vacations and just day trips. Always getting the shot, even if it's on my phone. 

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how long have you been a photographer?

Well, I'm one of those people that will change the song from pop to country to Christian to rock and so on. But if I had to pick one, it would have to be Country 100%. How can you go wrong? I mean have you heard Carrie Underwood sing?

Honestly, I like to stay busy. I'm not big on just sitting around watching movies or shows. I would rather hop in a car and drive somewhere. Go visit my family and friends or simply travel back up the mountain to Boone. I'm lucky enough that my hobby is my career, so it's hard to put a camera down. 

Like I have already mentioned, I haven't been to many places. But the NC coast and the Blue Ridge Mountains. More specifically Southport, NC and Boone, NC.

Growing up I have always been into the arts. I started painting in 3rd grade and continued that for the next 10 years of my life. During high school I dove straight into pottery. Fun fact. Not many people know that. But that took up most of my free time until my senior year. That year we had to complete a graduation project where I made the decision to focus on photography. Bought a camera and started this journey. It wasn't until my time at App State after changing my major a few times, I found commercial photography and never looked back since. 

Sipping chartreuse and green tea while looking at the most perfect white subway tile and hand painted signs. Driving through the mountains to Portland reminiscing about the best memories back home. Cozy sweaters, vintage demin, and Pabst while telling one of a kind love stories. The trials and tribulations of love, joy, and happiness. Lastly, champagne brunch and avocado toast while surrounded by the finest exposed brick, dreamcatchers, and maps to our souls. Dreamcatchers, macrame and 100 Days of Summer. Anthropologie trips and walks on the beach, love letters and secret admirers. Fall breeze, flannels, and hot cocoa. Whales and dinosaurs and handmade crafts. Salvage denim, antique leather bags, and the first time we watched Moonrise Kingdom. 

The slow hum of traffic and the cool breeze that signify the joy of a new day.

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